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CHEAT CODES: The Super Nintendo Collection

(your questions and comments are welcomed).

these codes are designed for use with

****the SNEX9x game emulator-for personal computer,
****the ZSNES game emulator- for personal computer.
the action replay pro,
the action replay MK 3,
& the game wizard-by innovation.

Gaming codes for ZSNES (A and B): Volume A & B

ZSNES Gaming codes (C thru E)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (Volumes F thru I)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (J- to -O)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (P Thru S)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (T to Z)

D&D Blazers also hosts the complete list of SNES GameGenie codes:
SNES GameGenie Codes

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Here are a few samples.
(for more codes, please refer to the links posted above).
super mario world
7e1497ff invincible
7e1490ff blinking invincible
7e13e470 + 7e001902 heavens jump
7E0DB408 Infinite Lives
7E001903 Always Fire Mario
(there are more Codes for Mario World listed on the Link)
{P thru S}

BS Zelda
7e6ddc60 energy
7e743803 keys
7e742207 bombs
7e7436de money--lurels
7e742901 raft
7e742b01 blue ring
7e742a01 bible
7e742c01 ladder
7e742701 lexir
7e742601 food--grunt-grunt
7e742501 warp whistle
7e742301 arrows
7e742102 bigger boomerang
7e742b02 red ring
7e742401 candle
7e742302 silver arrows
7e742e01 spiked bracelet
7e742801 flame throw shooter

super mario all stars
Super Mario Bros 1
MARIO 1-- 7e075400 + 7e075602 always Fire Mario.
Mario 1- 7e00bb01 + 7e071201 + 7e072300
Come Up The Top Of the screen when you fall !!!!
Mario 1- 7e070911 high jumps
7e005c00 all levels flooded
7e074304 all cloud
7E075A06 Infinite Lives
7E07AEFF Mario Blinks

Super Mario 2--
7e008501 invincible, type 1
7e04e101--invincible, type 2
7e04c31f--Infinite energy
7E04EE06--Infinite Lives
7e055928--run faster
7e04ca03--mega float
7e00c203--play only the 3rd part of each world
7e00b207--level 7 (on Menu-Select)
7e00b607--level 7
7e00ba07--level 7

Super Mario Bros 3---

7E1D800D,7E1D8101,7E1D8202, 7e1d8303,7e1d8404,7e1d8505,
7e1d8606,7e1d8707,7e1d8808, 7e1d8909,7e1d8a0a,7e1d8b0b,
7e1d8c0c------------start with ALL ITEMS

7e056e30 + 7e02e002
Raccoon Mario can always fly WITHOUT the annoying music.

(7E00bb03 Play as Raccoon mario)
7E00BB06 play as Sledgehammer Mario
7E00BB02 Always Fire Mario
7e073635--infinite lives.
...For more Super Mario All-Stars codes, please follow the links.

Legend Of Zelda-a link to the past
7ef37447--all pendents
7ef34001--start with the bow
7ef34401--magic dust
7ef34501--fire rod
7ef34701--bombos medallion
7ef34801--ether medallion
7ef34901--quake medallion
7ef34a01--magic lamp
7ef34c01--flute (7ef34c02--shovel)
7ef34e01--book of mundora
7ef367ff +
7ef35301--magic mirror
7ef35501--pagasus boots
7ef35601--zoras flippers
7ef35701--moon pearl
7ef37301--tops off magic
7ef37b02--magic lasts longer
7ef37aff--seven crystals
7ef36398--money (only use this code when needed)
7e005e16--fast walk
7ef35903--sword level 3
7ef35a03--shield level 3
7ef35b02--armor level 2
7ef34d01--bug catching net

donkey kong country
7e16d590 invincible
Note: most SNES battery save games tend to erase easily
any cheat device. Emulators work brilliantly !!!

donkey kong country 2
7e16c880 invincible
7e19cf80 invincible, type 2

donkey kong country 3
7e149690 invincible note-AR pro could erase saved games

Super bomberman
7e0d7601 invincible
7e0db601 invincible, player 2
7e0df702 invincible, type 2
7e0d79ff walk through walls
7e0d3a59 time
7e0d7303 remote control
passwords: 1212, 1054, 4455, 7152

super bomberman 2
7e80ef10 invincible
7e80ff01 invincible, type 2. (type 2 only works on
AR pros. it does not work on emus).

super bomberman 3
7e138f50 invincible
7e139050 invincible, type 2

super bomberman 4
7e039601 invincible excellent
7e035d09 invincible, not as good

super bomberman 5
7e170b90 invincible
7e170a90 invincible

super mario kart
7e1F2380 race on ALL tracks, practice mode
7e104f80 take no hits. my favorite code. no speedup
or any other glitches either.
7e108701 mario is always invincible.
7e151910 + race a 3 cart race, instead of 8
7e141910 +
7e131910 +
7e121910 +
7e069100 all enemies stay at the starting gate.
NOTE: super mario kart codes DO NOT work on the action replay pro. these codes
work fairly well on the Game Wizard, they work brilliantly on the emulators (SNES9x, ZSNES)
these codes do not work on MK111.

yoshis island
7e03b6a0 yoshi infinite time life
7e037907 lives
7e094700 remain jumping until you release the button.
NOTE: these yoshi codes do not work on AR Pro.
these codes DO work on the MK 111 just fine.
these codes also work fine on the emulators.

Other Popular additions.
(Note : occassionally,
some of the following games only play correctly on ZSNES.)



mighty morphin power rangers
7e04c070 energy
7e04f204 lives
7e04f401 bombs
7e041170 player 2
7e100703 cool level
passwords: 3847-5113-3904-1970-8624-2596
this game is compatible with all systems. snes, snes9x, and zsnes.

mighty morphin power rangers: the movie
7e062804 energy
7e1c28ff invincible
emu users: this game is compatible with zsnes only.

Mega Man 7

7e0b8105 lives
7e0c2e10 energy
7e0c2f02 invincible
7e0b859f freeze weapon
7e0b8797 bolt
7e0b899f j shield
7e0b8b9f s. shield
7e0b8d9f s. claw
7e0b8f9f noise
7e0b919f wrap
7e0b939f coil
7e0b979f RUSH JET !!!!
7e0ba104 weapon tank reserves
7e0ba384 heat
7e0ba004 energy tanks
7e0ba201 s. tanks


mega man X
7e1f8006 lives
7e0bcf10 energy
7e0bc620 pow
7e0c1305 invincible (turn code off when finishing each level).


mega man 9 these codes only work on Emus, not on action replay pro.
7e0c2f10 energy
7e0c30ff invincible
7e0b869c mines
7e0b829c drills
7e0b849c lightning bolts
7e0b889c burners
7e0b8a9c magic cards
7e0b8c9c ice walls
7e0b8e9c blades
7e0b909c vision beam
7e0b929c g. boost


mega man X2 NOTE: these codes DO NOT work on the action replay
pro. these codes also do not work on the SNES9X.
these mega man X2 codes work Only on the Zsnes emulator.
7e09ff10 energy
7e0a0810 invinc. just 4 fun
7e1fc15c s. wheele
7e1fbc5c giga crush
7e1fc35c slicer
7e1fc95c burner
7e1fbf5c silk shot
7e1fbd5c bubble
7e1fc55c chain
7e1fbb5c crystal
7e1fc75c magnet
7e0a3478 dash
7e1fcb5c crush


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ALL codes herein were created by
Seth Shadowz.
Originally contained in the Literary work:
Most Comprehensive Cheat Code Collection Ever (1985-1995)
copyright 2002. Seth Shadowz.

All codes are Original.

there are NO exceptions.
I did NOT borrow any codes.
......Which means: you won't find them anywhere else!!!!

most codes were created by myself,
while the game was newly released.
I tried to alphebetize the codes as best as I could.
and remember....
you should search for a code in any likely location.
for example: "super adventure island" is listed under "A", not "S"
and "extra innings" is listed under "B" for baseball.

Other NOTES:

all above codes HAVE BEEN OPTIMIZED

they also work on,
SNES action replay pro,
game wizard,
MK 3,

no codes contain the Letter O, but instead,
the 0 is always a number.
the letters used are A to F.

Most Notably:
virtually all codes have been tested on BOTH emulator AND cartridge.


go to the 3rd party site, hosted by Devo

or, the upcoming website from D & D Blazers

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